10 Awesome Content Ideas for You Beauty Salon’s Instagram Account

Beauty salons can make the most of Instagram to market their business. After all, showing those glowing testimonials and beautiful hair transformations can be visual and compelling ways to attract more clients.

However, it can be boring to post the same kind of stuff every day, so it helps to shake things up and add creative Instagram marketing ideas to the mix. Here are some awesome content ideas for your beauty salon’s Instagram account:

  1. Post reels

Reels are a great opportunity to be creative about your promotion and storytelling. You can include captions, filters, stickers, backgrounds, and great audio tracks to stay engaging and relevant. Plus, reels are more discoverable than regular story posts. You should still be posting stories for your followers, but make sure you’re maximizing the power of reels to drive more traffic and engagement.

  1. Repost and share user-generated content

This is an effortless yet powerful strategy. It’s essentially flaunting word-of-mouth recommendations, and that can increase the trust factor for your business. You can even encourage more user-generated content by giving discounts or other forms of incentives to those who can post their hair transformations on Instagram, or you can just politely ask customers to tag your salon should they post their pictures online.

  1. Offer giveaways, discounts, and other incentives

Your salon’s counter products can be your giveaways, so you can also have the chance to promote them to your audience. You can also post a question and offer giveaways to the first one/s who can share the correct answer, or it could be as simple as asking people to tag at least 3 friends to earn discounts or reward points on their next visit. Find creative ways to leverage incentives to boost brand awareness and maintain engagement on Instagram and other social media pages you have.

  1. Seasonal promotions and reminders

Be it Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, don’t miss the special moments and remind people that they can always count on your salon as a gift opportunity for their loved ones. You can even run promotions during these seasons to further entice more customers and capture more business.

  1. Action shots

Make sure to post some action shots as well, featuring you and your team at work, doing your magic. You can post mid-treatment processing and the glamor shots of your salon. Or you can also capture and share the more relatable moments like you and your team relaxing and hanging out in your workplace.

  1. Your awesome staff

Your makeup artists, hair stylists, and even your cleaning crew deserve some recognition. After all, they’re the ones working closely with clients. You can post pictures of your new employees, those who are celebrating their birthdays, or any relevant posts about your awesome team.

  1. Flaunt salon interior

Especially if you have properly taken care of your salon’s interior and worked hard on making it look aesthetically pleasing, don’t shy away from flaunting your workplace to further compel your followers to come visit your inviting little sanctuary. It’s even better if you can dedicate a corner of your salon for an Instagrammable photo op. The thoughtful and intentional touch would make customers feel extra special.

  1. Hair care tips

Use an educational approach from time to time as well. Your followers follow you because they care about their hair, and so you should help them take even better care of their crowning glory by taking the time to create informative hair care posts like helpful dos and don’ts. You can design small business posters with educational hints, and you can even print and distribute them among your customers as they visit your salon. You can check out PosterMyWall to explore a plethora of beauty salon templates. You can also use it for creating instant Instagram posts that match your branding.

  1. Share quotes or memes

You don’t have to limit your Instagram page to informative and professional. You can also add in some fun by posting funny, uplifting, or other more approachable content, but just use them in moderation. I say the majority of the posts should be the next item, the visual proof of your salon’s magic.

  1. Before and after photos

People love seeing transformations because deep inside, they want one themselves. If you’re running a salon, make sure that you’re taking before and after pictures of your customers’ transformation. But do make sure that you’re asking for the customer’s consent before you take snaps. Transformation photos are a great way to show your talents and capture more viewers’ intrigue and trust.

When it comes to Instagram marketing or any kind of marketing for that matter, consistency is key. Make sure to post regularly and consistently. Share various posts while sticking to the same branding and design aesthetics. Run ads to further grow your following and use hashtags to improve search results. By being consistent and posting engaging content on Instagram, it’s only a matter of time before you can grow your following and your business!