Why is 7.5 carat green diamonds price high?

Diamonds are supposed to be colorless and clear, but they are also available in a wide range of colors, including green diamonds. Jewelry lovers often invest in green diamonds because they are quite distinctive and rare types of valuable stones. Significantly, 7.5 carat green diamond price is high as compared to other diamonds, but they definitely enhance the beauty of their wearer. 

Popularity of Green Diamonds: 

Green diamonds are magnificent and considered a sign of vitality and fertility. Significantly, green is the color of spring and a symbol of new beginnings. Green diamonds are sought after because they are quite rare and also promote hope and peace. Moreover, green diamonds are widely used for engagement rings. In addition to this, people widely give new brides a beautiful 7.5 carat green diamond necklace set for their weddings. Instead of preferring other kinds of diamonds, consumers use green diamonds because of their uniqueness. 

Process of getting a green color: 

During their formation, when green diamonds are exposed to radiation, they get their color. As compared to the other diamonds, which get their color from lattice defects or various chemical impurities, the green diamonds get their color in a truly unique way. 

Tone of Green Diamond: 

Tone is also very important when buying green diamonds. Tone means the darkness or lightness of a green diamond. Significantly, those stones with darker tones are considered more intense in color and eye-catching. Flawlessly, if someone is in search of a fancy, intense green diamond without caring about the price tag, then a fancy green diamond with a dark tone is exactly what they are looking for. 

Clarity of Green Diamond:

The 7.5-carat green diamond price is high because all clarity levels are possible in them. Incredibly, those green diamonds that fall on the lower clarity ends are very precious and rare, until any kind of high inclusion did not detract from the stone’s appearance and color. 

Shape of a Green Diamond: 

As round cuts often lead to a lower saturation of color, green diamonds are commonly cut into fancy shapes like cushions, pear shapes, or radiant. In addition to this, round cuts quickly lead to desaturation of color, as they are famous for reflecting white light. Green diamonds in fancy shapes also reflect less white light, whereas round-cut diamonds may produce a fainter green color. 

Green Diamond Jewelry

In the present year, 7.5 green diamond prices are high, but they are widely used in jewelry. Significantly, green diamonds are popular among individuals due to their distinctive and attractive designs that increase the beauty of unusual stones. Flawlessly, engagement rings and various other kinds of jewelry, like earrings and necklaces, are designed using green diamonds. 

How do I check if a green diamond is real or not? 

It is very easy to find out whether a green diamond is real or not by just following a trick. You just need to exhale from your month on the diamond surface. For a few seconds, if the diamond stays fogged, then it is totally fake. Because the surface of a green diamond is inhospitable to moisture and quickly evaporates. 

What is important to consider while buying green diamonds? 

It is very important to notice that the diamonds are real and are not coated with artificial colors whenever you are buying them. Because they are quite expensive, it is essential to invest your money in real green diamonds instead of coated ones. 


Thus, it is true that the price of a 7.5 carat green diamond is too high, but they are the most magnificent and rarest kind of diamonds all around the globe. Because they are a symbol of a new beginning, like a wedding, etc. Jewelers want to have green diamonds in their collections, but not everyone can have them because they are quite expensive and rare.