10Reasons to Use Place Cards: A Complete Guide 

The majority of the time, your wedding stationery serves a practical purpose.

Your guests will receive information from your save the date cards, invitations, and reception stationery about the specifics of your upcoming wedding day.

The following are the explanations for why, if you have it, assigned seating place cards should be noted on your guest tables on your wedding day.

If you are having a cocktail (standing) wedding, there is no need to continue reading. Place cards are not necessary at cocktail wedding receptions.

  1. They tell your guests where to sit

The fastest and easiest way for your guests to find their seats is to look for their place card on their assigned table.

You’ll spend hours creating the guest seating chart and choosing who will sit where.

  1. Your guests don’t want to “select” a seat

Free seating is OK, however it is commonly known that guests prefer to be told where to sit in order to avoid having to make the tough option of whether to sit at a particular table or decide who to sit with.

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  1. Assigned seating is cost-effective

Additionally, if you do not give each and every guest a place setting, they will probably disperse if left to their own devices.

In order to accommodate the overflow, more tables will need to be set up, leaving a random number of seats empty at each one. More linen, cutlery, floral arrangements, and other supplies are needed as a result.

  1. Assigned seating makes it easier for you to decide where your visitors will sit

In other words, you can tell your raucous friends to stay in the back or even close to the bar! They understand they will have the greatest fun there.

In a same vein, assigning place cards to your guests will guarantee that your immediate family will be seated at tables close to the bridal table and that your VVIPs, like your parents or grandparents, will have the greatest possible view of you!

  1. Make it unique with place cards

Place cards will be the first personal greeting your guests will receive when they sit down to dinner with you at your reception. It’s good to see your name on a place setting and know that this is where you’ll be spending the evening, where you can set your bag or hang your jacket.

  1. They make it easier for visitors to get to know one another

All night long, your guests will be mingling, which is a great method to recall names when you first meet someone.

Even better if a visitor wishes to avoid the awkward situation of having to remember the name of someone they should know but has forgotten their name.

  1. Pay attention to the bridal table

It’s a very unforgettable moment when you sit down as the bride and see your place card with “Bride” printed on it. Then you look across the room and see your “Grooms” card.

It will be the only time that you will have the words “Bride & Groom” written on your place card when you are seated at a wedding reception.

Speaking from my experience, I can say that when I sat down that day, it made my heart smile. My place card had the word “Bride” on it, which oddly made everything feel more real.

  1. Place cards make it easier to identify visitors with specific dietary requirements

This is very important. Your caterer will utilize the place cards you provide for guests to confirm that the right meal for each individual’s dietary needs is given to the right person.

As I frequently say, planning a wedding programs template takes time, especially when guests are involved. Your RSVP cards will ask guests if they have any dietary requirements.

 You must note this information next to the appropriate guest name on your guest list so your caterer is aware of who has a nut allergy or needs a vegetarian supper!

Based on the information on the place card, the waiter will know who to offer the meals to when they are delivered.

  1. It’s against the law for guests to crash weddings

I’m not sure how often this happens these days, but if it worries you, making sure every person has a place at their own table will ensure that no one can sneak a seat.

  1. They provide your suppliers a place to sit

Don’t forget about your wedding suppliers! They will be serving at your wedding all day long, and they will need to eat as well.

Please be sure to provide a space for your vendors, such as your photographer(s), videographer(s), DJ/band, wedding coordinator(s), and so on, to sit down for a short break.