5 Tips To Make A House You Just Moved Into Feel Like Home

Moving to a new place, in some situations, is inescapable. For instance, maybe you’re tired of living in a relatively expensive place like Atlanta, where housing is 8% more expensive than the national average (PayScale). Relocating to a new area also becomes important when seeking better job opportunities or when you want your kids to have access to better education than before.

While moving may be important in such circumstances, uprooting your life from your current residence and settling into another place brings its own challenges. Apart from unpacking and arranging your belongings, you also have to transform your new house into a place that feels like home. For days and even weeks after moving into a new place, a sense of foreignness lingers in the house.

Luckily, making small changes in your new house can make it feel like home. And below are some ideas to make your new house into a comfortable place that feels like home.

  1. Think of the reasons for moving to the new place

Leaving a house where you lived for some time and relocating to another place can be an emotional phase of your life. One way to process your transition to a new place and accept it as your new home is to focus on the practical reasons for moving.

For instance, if you moved from a big city like Atlanta, where there are more than 499,000 people and bad traffic jams, to a calmer place, think about how this change will shape your life. You can experience some of this calmness before you move too. If you haven’t moved yet, consider hiring a professional team of movers that can make this transition as stress-free as possible. This is especially important if you’re moving out of a city that’s known for bad traffic. In that case, find a reliable and experienced Atlanta long distance moving company that can find the best routes and make sure that your move is not delayed and your belongings stay safe.

So, if your plan is to move to a more calm and relaxed environment, it helps to start that before you even make your move. And professional movers can help with that.

  1. Organize your house

A cluttered place can make you feel stressed out, so one of the easiest ways to make your new place inviting and feel like home is by decluttering and organizing it.

Decluttering at the time of unpacking is an excellent way to reduce the amount of stuff you need to arrange and accommodate in your new place. The fewer things you have in your new house, the more spacious and welcoming it will look.

We all know that moving can be exhausting, so if you cannot find the energy to declutter and unpack belongings all by yourself, ask for help. Include the entire household to unpack and declutter the stuff in the house so that it can be arranged quickly.

When organizing your belongings, create an environment that represents your unique personality and preferences. Once you are surrounded by familiar stuff and the arrangement you used in your previous house, you will feel more comfortable and at peace.

  1. Improve the lighting in your house

Effective lighting not only eliminates darkness and illuminates your spaces but can also make any place look interesting, comfortable, and cozy. So, try this easy and economical tip to make your new house feel like home.

Choose various types and styles of lights and install them at different spots in the house to create a layered lighting scheme. Adopting a layered lighting arrangement create multiple light sources and makes the home functional for any task or time. A layered lighting scheme is a splendid way to add depth and dimension to your living space.

You can combine task lighting with ambient lighting to make work areas shadow-free. Similarly, you can add accent lights on artwork and wall hangings to infuse drama into your living space and decorative lighting to enhance personality.

If you are conscious about energy use and cost savings, install dimmable lights that enable you to increase or decrease the brightness while helping you conserve electricity.

  1. Keep your new house clean

It’s hard to feel at ease and happy at home when all you see around is dust and dirt everywhere. So, cleaning the new house should be your priority after moving in.

Thoroughly scrub and wash the surfaces before unpacking your belongings—cleaning empty spaces and surfaces is much easier. Once the house is cleaned and everything has been placed at its designated place, make a cleaning routine so that your home remains sparkling all the time.

Designate days for specific cleaning activities, such as dusting the house on Mondays and vacuuming floors on Tuesdays. Also, instead of adopting cleaning as an everyday affair and getting overwhelmed, clean when you easily can.

In addition, you can implement the “clean as you go” approach. This implies cleaning up the mess after using something; for instance, washing the dishes right after using them or putting away clothes immediately after wearing them.

Another strategy is taking short breaks between doing tasks and cleaning surrounding areas. For instance, take short breaks to tidy up and clean the laundry room cabinets or surfaces when doing laundry.

Cleaning makes a huge difference in making a new and unfamiliar place feel like home. It might seem strange, but cleaning various places in the house allows you to foster a special connection with them. A clean and dust-free house also feels more relaxing, and you feel more at ease.

  1. Place books on the shelves

Books placed on the shelves give a homely and cozy feel. Looking at the books you once read and liked or those still on your reading list can be a comforting feeling.

Books reflect your unique interests and passion. Arranging your books on the shelves in your new house allows your living space to represent your personality.

In addition, books often act as conversation starters when you have guests in the house. They can be an excellent ice-breaker and a way to spend quality time with those visiting your new home.

Therefore, if you love reading and have collected books over time, now is the time to arrange them. Keep a reading chair and a free-standing landing lamp near the bookshelf to make your own mini library. Here you can sit, have a cup of tea, and enjoy a reading session.


Making your new house feel like home requires effort and a desire to create a personalized space. Keeping your house arranged and clutter-free, organizing books, and incorporating items with sentimental value, etc., can help you make your new home inviting. Furthermore, you can make a new house appealing and relaxing by adding various types of lights and hosting a housewarming party.