A Helpful Guide to Filing Your First Workers Comp Claim

When somebody gets hurt on the job it is a very stressful situation. Employers and colleagues worry and want to ensure the injured employee is alright, first and foremost. Then employers must file a workers compensation claim.

Those who have never gone through the process may need some workers comp filing help and that’s alright. It’s not as grueling as it sounds but there is a specific process that should be followed. Here’s what you need to know about filing your first worker’s compensation claim. It could very well be all the workers comp filing help that you need.

Seek Medical Treatment

Of course, you’ll tend to the injured employee first and foremost. If they have not yet done so, ensure that they seek medical treatment. Worker’s compensation claims are for those workplace injuries which require medical intervention. 

It should be posted in the workplace where the injured employee should seek medical treatment so that it is covered under the worker’s compensation insurance. Ensure they seek medical treatment and then you can begin your information gathering. This is where you may need some workers comp filing help

Give Injured Employee Paperwork

There is specific paperwork the injured employee will need to fill out themselves when they are able and, of course, after they have received medical treatment. Be sure to provide the injured employee with this paperwork so they will have what they need to file a worker’s compensation claim on their end.

If they need workers comp filing help, there will be someone to walk them through the employee’s process, but the most important thing is that they receive the necessary medical treatment

Interview Witnesses and Gather Information

Next, you’ll need to gather pertinent information. Talk to any witnesses to the accident or injury and ask them to tell you exactly what happened in their own words. Sometimes, it will help to take pictures of the accident site but not always. Use your judgment on that.

It’s a good idea to provide witnesses with a legal notepad and ask them to write down exactly what happened, including the date and time the accident occurred. You’ll also need to ask them to provide their contact information on their statement. 

Sometimes another employee will escort the injured to the doctor. If this is necessary, don’t forget to ask if they witnessed the accident as soon as they are available. 

File Completed Form with Insurer

Once you’ve gathered your information and pertinent forms, submit it to your insurance company. If it’s necessary to get workers comp filing help, your agent will tell you how to submit the forms and the supporting documentation like witness statements. All pertinent information is workers comp filing help for your insurance carrier

Workers Comp Filing Help

Some states require a First Report of Injury Form to be filed with the state workers compensation board so be sure you are familiar with your state’s requirements. Every state has different guidelines regarding when a worker’s compensation injury needs to be reported but it’s always better to report sooner rather than later, while information is fresh in everyone’s mind. This should be enough workers comp filing help to get the process started no matter what state you’re in. Filing your first worker’s compensation claim isn’t difficult when you gather the right information.