Basic Tips to Ensure Your Laptop Performs Optimally

Laptops are much more convenient than desktops, especially if you have to travel for work. Also, in today’s remote and hybrid work culture, laptops play an essential role, allowing you to work from any remote location. You may prefer to work out of your home, cafes, or co-working spaces. Since laptops are portable devices and more accessible to carry than desktops, you must pay attention to ensuring your laptop performs optimally. 

Of course, knowing a few handy tricks will help speed up your workflow and avoid panic situations. For instance, if you are a Mac user, you can take advantage of tricks like Hot Corners. Enabling Hot Corners means assigning tasks to the four corners of the display. So, the next time you take your cursor to any of the screen’s corners, the assigned task will be automatically performed, and you don’t have to waste your time doing monotonous things. Similarly, you must know how to recover overwritten files on Mac because mistakes happen without warning. For example, you may hit Replace even after your laptop warns you there’s a file existing with the same name. Thankfully, all’s not lost because you can use tools like Disk Drill, Time Machine, and Get Backup Pro to recover the overwritten file. 

While learning such tricks, remember to take better care of your laptop so you can confidently work from anywhere. Here are some tips. 

  • Avoid mishandling your laptop 

In comparison to desktops, laptops receive a lot more mishandling. Laptops are constantly moved from one place to the other in your office or home, taken with you during your travels, etc. It is likely that some unwanted particles are spilled on your laptop during these trips and travels. Even when you are working out of home, you might be holding your beverage too close to your laptop and may even spill a little. 

Hence, when working on your laptop, you must avoid spilling coffee, tea, water, chips, and other unwanted particles onto it. Also, do not let your laptop overheat. You must place your laptop on a surface that has good ventilation. Even dust isn’t great for your laptop, so do not let it accumulate on your laptop. 

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  • Avoid temperature swings 

Your laptop must be kept away from high temperatures. Also, avoid temperature swings. This is because your laptop might be built to handle atmospheric conditions, but extremely high temperatures will be harmful to your laptop. On the other hand, if the temperature is too high, the laptop may stop functioning normally and how it is intended to perform. 

For example, you must not expose your Mac laptop to extreme temperature swings. If the temperature gets too high, the Mac automatically shuts down, and you cannot use the laptop unless the temperature has cooled down. 

  • Properly shut down your laptop 

Putting your laptop in sleep mode or standby instead of shutting it down properly isn’t always a good idea. Although it is alright to put your laptop in sleep mode if you are using your system continuously, you must shut it down at least once a week. A proper shutdown will give your laptop a fresh start and help your system to perform properly. 

Moreover, you must remove all external devices, flash drives, DVDs, and CDs before shutting down your laptop. This way, both your laptop and your external devices will remain protected and safe. 

  • Routinely clean your laptop 

Cleaning your laptop routinely is essential so it performs optimally. However, when cleaning the screen, you must remember that it is fragile. Therefore, it is essential to handle it properly to avoid cracking or breaking it. 

It would be best not to use sharp objects like pencils or pens when cleaning the corners because they can cause scratches. You must only use approved solutions or monitor wipes to clean the laptop’s screen. Also, it would be best if you properly cleaned the laptop’s keypad. 

  • Update the operating system 

If it has been a while since you updated the operating system, you might be losing out on software fixes and new drivers. In addition, it can make your laptop vulnerable to security flaws and slow down your system. 

So, the next time your laptop is working slowly, you must check for the latest software updates and install them. This will also safeguard your system against potential and known malware and viruses. 

  • Remove unnecessary programs and apps 

With time, your laptop may get bloated with redundant apps, programs, and files. To make your system work properly, you must remove the items you no longer need. This will debloat your system and improve its performance. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some basic tips to ensure your laptop performs perfectly. Then, you can carry your laptop wherever you go and complete your work without glitches.