How to Clean and Maintain Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. It provides an attractive as well as resilient choice to standard floor covering choices such as wood or ceramic tile.

Nonetheless, like any kind of floor covering LVT needs routine cleansing and also upkeep to maintain it looking its finest. In this article, we will discuss the best techniques for cleaning and maintaining luxury vinyl tile.

Cleansing Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

1. Move or Vacuum Regularly

Begin by brushing up or vacuuming your vinyl flooring frequently. This will certainly eliminate any kind of dust, dirt, or loosened particles that can damage or use down the surface area. Use a soft-bristle mop or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to prevent any damage.

2. Make Use of a Damp Mop

After getting rid of loosened particles, use a wet wipe to cleanse your LVT floor covering. Prevent making use of too much water or a saturating damp wipe as this can leak right into the joints as well as trigger damages in time. Instead, dampen the mop with warm water and a light cleanser specifically designed for flooring.

3. Choose the Right Cleaner

When picking a cleaner for your deluxe ceramic tile floor covering, constantly examine the supplier’s suggestions. Some LVT brand names might have detailed cleansing items customized to their floor covering. Otherwise, try to find a pH-neutral cleanser that is secure for usage on plastic. Prevent severe chemicals, rough cleansers, or wax-based items, as they can harm the LVT surface area.

4. Persistent Stains and Also Spills

For persistent spots or spills, you might require an extra powerful cleansing remedy. Before using any kind of discolor cleaners or more powerful cleansers, examine them in an unnoticeable location to guarantee they will not create any kind of staining or damage. If the discolor lingers utilize a non-abrasive nylon brush or sponge to carefully scrub the afflicted location.

5. Dry Thoroughly

When you’ve completed cleansing, make certain to dry your high-end floor tile floor covering extensively. Excess wetness can permeate right into the joints as well as trigger damage or motivate the development of mold and mildew or mold. Clean up any kind of excess wetness making use of a tidy, completely dry fabric or towel, and also enable the flooring to air completely dry entirely before strolling on it.

6. Safety Nets

To reduce the requirement for deep cleansing it’s vital to take safety nets to shield your LVT floor covering. Use doormats at entryways to catch dust and also dampness as well as motivate relatives and also site visitors to eliminate their footwear before tipping onto the flooring. The area felt pads under the furnishings legs to stop scrapes or imprints.

Keeping Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

1. Consistently Trim Nails and Also Pet Claws

Lengthy nails or sharp animal claws can quickly damage the surface area of your deluxe floor tile floor covering. To stop this ensure to consistently cut nails as well as claws of all members of the family, consisting of animals. Maintaining them brief and also smooth will certainly lessen the threat of unintentional scrapes.

2. Furnishings Placement

When moving furniture, do not drag it across your LVT flooring. Rather lift as well as lug it to stay clear of leaving obvious scrapes or damages. If required, make use of furnishing sliders to lower the rubbing and also make sure smooth activity.

3. Defense From Sunlight

Straight sunshine can trigger your high-end ceramic tile floor covering to discolor or stain in time. To prevent this, use curtains or blinds to block the harsh sunlight, especially during peak hours. You can likewise think about using home window movies or making use of UV-resistant home window treatments to filter UV rays.

4. Avoid Scratches From Sharp Objects

Avoid using sharp or pointed objects directly on your LVT flooring as they can leave permanent scratches. Area roller coasters or floor coverings under hefty things or furnishings legs to disperse the weight equally and also safeguard the flooring surface area.

5. Reapply Protective Coating

Some deluxe ceramic tile floor covering includes a safety leading layer that improves its toughness. Gradually this finish might disappear, making the floor covering much more at risk of scrapes as well as discolorations. To maintain its protective properties, consider reapplying a floor surface or gloss according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. Routine Inspection

Last but not least, do normal assessments of your high-end floor tile floor covering to determine any kind of indicators of damage or wear. Seek loosened or broken ceramic tiles, joints that require resealing, or locations that call for additional cleansing and also focus. Resolving these concerns quickly can stop them from rising and also extend the life expectancy of your LVT floor covering.


Can Deluxe tile floor covering be fixed if it obtains damages?

In many cases, luxury vinyl tile flooring can be repaired. Small scrapes can be concealed with touch-up pens or flooring gloss while bigger problems might need a substitute for private floor tiles. It is recommended to consult a specialist for repairs to ensure proper installation and matching of the tiles.

How much time does high-end floor tile floor covering generally last?

High-end ceramic tile floor covering is recognized for its toughness and also long life. With correct treatment as well as upkeep, it can last approximately 20 years or even more relying on the brand name and also top quality of the floor covering.

Can Deluxe tile floor covering be mounted in all locations of your house?

Yes, deluxe floor tile floor covering is appropriate for installment in many locations of your home consisting of cooking areas, restrooms, living spaces, and also rooms. Nonetheless, it is not suggested for exterior usage or locations with extreme dampness, such as saunas or steam baths.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, cleansing and also keeping deluxe ceramic tile floor covering need routine treatment as well as focus. By following these best practices, you can keep your LVT looking stunning and extend its lifespan. 

Remember to always refer to the supplier’s guidelines and recommendations for specific cleaning products and techniques. With correct treatment, your high-end plastic ceramic tile floor covering will certainly remain to make a spectacular effect in your house for several years to find.

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