How to Properly Go About Employment-Based Immigration

Depending on the industry you operate in and the kind of opportunities you offer, you might find it quite challenging to source adequately skilled workers locally or people willing to do the job. In these cases, it makes a lot of sense to seek the talent you are looking for offshore.

Hiring offshore comes with a couple of advantages, including but not limited to access to a broader talent pool, lower cost of labor, and increased staff productivity.

Now, hiring foreign workers is not as easy as bringing them over to the US. There is an intricate immigration process involved. So, how do you properly go about it? What you need is to hire an immigration lawyer from Farmer Law. Here’s why:

They Have Ample Experience with Immigration

You want to consult immigration lawyers before kickstarting the offshore hiring process because they have knowledge, skill, and experience with immigration matters. This means they know exactly what you and the potential employees need in terms of requirements, what the immigration process entails, and potential bottlenecks you might encounter. 

With an immigration attorney, you don’t really have to keep up with every step of the process. You can trust them to take care of everything, including representing you, and updating you regularly.  

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They Will Help You Do Tedious Paperwork Correctly

The employment-based immigration process can involve a lot of paperwork for both you and the foreign worker you intend to hire. And this can be tedious and lengthy. Not forgetting, it’s pretty easy to make a mistake along the way. Using an attorney to handle all the paperwork ensures you don’t miss anything and fill out the correct details on all the required forms

Remember, getting the paperwork right from the get-go can save you issues down the line.

They Keep You Compliant with the Law

With employment-based immigration, you are not only dealing with US law but also regulations from the employee’s country of origin. And you need to comply with both. Immigration attorneys are already conversant with the laws of these foreign nations and so can help you navigate them. These will ensure you have fewer issues along the way, consequently incurring less costs and saving time.

They Can Speed Up the Process for You

You are, of course, hiring to fill up open roles in your company. So, the longer these positions remain open, the more money your business loses in terms of unrealized sales, profits, and so on. With an immigration attorney, you can push things along faster so that your new talent can move, settle and start working in no time.

Get a Farmer Law Attorney to Navigate & Fasten the Immigration Process for Your Foreign Employees

Looking for talent beyond the US borders might benefit your company more than you think. However, the immigration process is what puts off a lot of employers. Lucky for you, that’s why immigration attorneys are there; to help you navigate the visa application, permits processing, and even relocation.