Is there a way to play against bots in Valorant?

Are you here because you want to know if there is any way to play against bots in Valorant? Here is a detailed guide on playing against bots in Valorant. By the end of this article, you will know all ways to play against AI bots in Valorant. Plus, you will also explore the pros and cons, and tips to beat bots in Valorant.

Valorant is a dynamic game and it requires precise gunplay and strategic team action to excel in the game. So, many people want to improve their gaming skills and strategic foresight by playing against bots in the practice range. Apart from this, you can also add these bots in any of your custom Valorant matches. Below we have dealt with each one separately.

Playing with bots will always help you get better in valorant. Another option is cheap valorant boost so that you can play along with top rank players and bots as well and this will not only help you improve your ranking in valorant but also learn about the new tactics in the game.


Are there any bots-focused game modes in Valorant?

Although players have been demanding one for a very long time, currently there is no special bots-focused game mode in Valorant. If you can play against bots in Valorant then you have only two options: Practice Range or a Custom Game.

Play against bots in Valorant in the practice range

You can play against bots in Valorant in the practice range. When you practice with bots you can improve your gaming skills. For this very reason, it is very popular not only among beginners but also among seasoned players. Here is how you, too, can practise against Valorant bots:

  • Launch Valorant and enter the main menu.

  • Click the “Practice” option, usually located near the bottom of the main menu.

  • Then, select the “Practice Range” option.

  • Then, choose the agent you want to practise with.

  • Some versions of the Practice Range include stationary and moving bots. To activate them, look for controls or buttons within the environment that trigger their appearance or movement.

  • Customise bot difficulty, movement patterns, or the number of bots present as per your requirement.

Pros of playing against bots in Valorant in the practice range

1. With bots you can refine your crosshair placement, headshot accuracy, and overall shooting precision. Plus, your reaction time and spatial awareness will also improve.

2. You can test different weapons and understand their recoil patterns, fire rates, and damage output. This will help in choosing the right weapon in different in-game situations.

3. You can explore different agents, their strengths and weaknesses.

4. Practice range is also perfect for warming up before matches.

5. As there is no performance pressure in the practice range, you can focus solely on skill improvement without any fear.

6. You also get to familiarize yourself with maps. 

Cons of playing against bots in Valorant in the practice range

1. Bots follow predictable patterns. Their behavior doesn’t make you 100% ready against real players. That means if you beat bots and consider it enough, you are in a false sense of security.

2. Secondly, when you play against bots your communication and teamwork are not improving which is not good because Valorant is a team-based game.

3. Thirdly, the tactics or strategies employed by bots are nowhere near those employed by human players. In live matches, opponents can coordinate movements, which results in new strategies.

How to play against bots in Valorant in custom games?

Another way to play against bots in Valorant is through customs games. Here, is how you can customize a game with bots.

  • Access Valorant and click ‘Play,’

  • Then select ‘Custom Game’ mode on the far right. Ensure the ‘Standard’ mode is chosen.

  • Click ‘Options’ below the mode to enable cheats.

  • Pick your map and server, then click ‘Start.’

  • Choose Sage and, in-game, open Settings.

  • Set a key bind for ‘Ghost Mode’ and activate ‘Pause Match Timer,’ ‘Infinite Abilities,’ and ‘Auto-Respawn.’

  • Click ‘End Game Phase’ to start the round.
  • Activate ‘Ghost Mode’ with your key bind, go high up, then come down to ‘die.’

  • Use Sage’s ultimate to revive the body

  • You have your own AI now.

How to beat bots in Valorant?

Here are proven ways how you can beat bots in Valorant. First of all, improve your skills. Practice regularly. This will also improve your map awareness. See movement patterns of bots. It is repetitive. Use this to your advantage by practicing precision shots and headshots. Aim for the head to eliminate bots quickly. Once you know where they hide their weapons, raid those places. Surprise bots with diverse weapons and strategies.  By implementing these, you can outsmart and beat bots in Valorant.


In conclusion, you can play against bots in Valorant either in practice range or custom game. It will lead to your skill development and refinement. Don’t waste this opportunity. However, do not rely solely on bots. Couple them with human match experiences to get the dual benefits.