Motorcycle Crash In Alabama: Don’t Miss These Essential Facts

If you check statistics in Alabama, the number of reported motorcycle crashes will shock you. Motorcycles are absolutely fantastic to ride, but motorcyclists often end up in accidents and suffer the most tragic outcomes. When hurt in such an on-road mishap, you need to talk to an attorney to find out the worth of your damages. Common reasons for motorcycle accidents include speeding, inexperience, and weather conditions, but when someone is liable for your injuries, you may have a lawsuit. In this post, let’s talk about some essential facts, including Alabama laws.

A Look at state laws

In Alabama, you have two years to file a motorcycle crash lawsuit according to the state’s statute of limitations. Remember that you must work on investigating the mishap as soon as possible to recover evidence and find witnesses, but given your injuries, that could be a hard job. Talk to an experienced and liable lawyer who can do that for you. Also, Alabama’s contributory negligence laws prevent you from recovering anything even if you are 1% at fault for the accident. While there are many aspects to this rule, don’t let that prevent you from exploring legal options.

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Finding the right lawyer

Not all lawyers know what it takes to work on auto accident claims, especially motorcycle crashes, and therefore, you need to look for details. Fortunately, there is no fee to consult an attorney, and you can choose to interview at least a few. Ensure that you talk to the lawyer in person and ask questions like –

  1. How long have you been working on motorcycle crash claims in Alabama?
  2. What are my rights and legal options?
  3. What is the expected worth of my damages? How long will it take to settle the case?
  4. Are you personally available to fight the claim?
  5. Can you guide me in dealing with the claims adjuster?
  6. What are the other dos and don’ts you must follow?
  7. What is your fee? What expenses do I need to pay for?
  8. Do you have experience in going to court for such motorcycle crash lawsuits?
  9. Can you share client references? What are your best outcomes so far?
  10. Are you going to update me on new information? How can I contact you?

You need someone who is accessible for your needs. It can take time to settle a motorcycle crash matter, but once you have a lawyer, you can focus on your recovery and do not need to stress over the paperwork.