Outsourced Software Product Development: Flawless Process Details

KPMG found that 85% of software projects exceed their estimated completion dates.

Choosing to outsource product development to a third party can be a risky move. Still, as CEO of a startup, it is a decision you must make. This article will discuss Product Development Outsourcing, the complete process of outsourced software product development, and how to choose the right one for you.

Understanding Product Development Outsourcing

The term “outsourced product development” (OPD) refers to the process through which a company contracts with a third-party company for assistance in creating new products and services and generating new ideas.

Using a third-party service provider for product development can help reduce the time and money spent on product development. The success of an OPD calls for well-coordinated efforts across the domains of strategy, communication, collaboration, management, and specialized resources.

Outsourcing Software Product Development Explanation

Startups and SMEs use IT outsourcing product development to supplement their own research and development efforts. By incorporating outside specialists into product development, the company can further concentrate on its core strengths to gain an edge over the competition. Using a third-party service provider for product development can help reduce the resources spent on product development.

Ups and Downs of Outsourced Software Product Development

This section will give you a deep insight into outsourced product development companies’ pros and cons:


  • Startups can save money by outsourcing the product and development process for as little as $20 per hour and receiving a complete, working solution. 
  • When you outsource product development, another company takes care of the design and production so you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Suppose you partner with a seasoned service provider. In that case, you can assess the market and swiftly enter new territories or introduce new products without adding headcount or shopping in a foreign country.


  • Language hurdles, cultural variations, and time zone variances can all complicate efforts to communicate and work together effectively among geographically distributed teams.
  • It might be difficult to keep quality high and specs met while outsourcing development. Proper monitoring and competent project management can reduce the likelihood of problems.
  • Intellectual property protection is an issue that can come up while outsourcing, especially to foreign companies. Businesses must implement legal protections and stringent confidentiality agreements.

Types Available with Outsourcing Product Development

Businesses that are new to product development outsourcing have several opportunities to tap into external knowledge and resources thanks to product development outsourcing. The outsourcing landscape features various options for companies to achieve their product development objectives, including offshore development teams, specialized agencies, and engineering firms.

What to Consider For Flawless Outsourced Software Product Development

You need to know if your idea will succeed and what you desire to build before you can outsource product development successfully.

Stating Clear Objectives and Requirements

You should know accurately what you want before dealing with a third-party firm. That way, the programmers can more easily comprehend and implement your needs as you intend. Make sure your specifications are clear and straightforward to understand to avoid misunderstandings.

Choosing the right Sourcing Partner

It’s crucial that you choose a provider who knows what they’re doing and has expertise serving customers like you. The supplier should also have a solid track record in assisting customers, providing reliable results, and keeping to deadlines.

Clear communication and collaboration

Ensure there is an understanding of each party’s responsibilities. This will assist in preventing any miscommunication that could cause delays or extra expenses.

Establishing QA Practices

This service guarantees that your program has no missing features and is entirely error-free. The best method to ensure your software is ready for release is to have it tested by an independent quality assurance team.

Ensuring Data Security

Ensure that a written contract is in place between you and the development company and that this contract contains a non-disclosure clause that prevents the developer from disclosing any information that could give your competitors an advantage.

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Product Development Outsourcing- How to Get Flawless Results

This section discusses tips on how to get excellent results from outsourced product development services:

Emphasizing Regular Reporting

Regular reporting on activity helps keep everyone in the loop, improves lines of communication, and speeds up problem-solving.

Leveraging DevOps and Agility

Adopting DevOps principles and an agile development strategy can improve communication, shorten the software creation process, and increase output without sacrificing quality.

Setting Deliverables and Milestones

Having well-defined deliverables and milestones allows for easy development tracking and helps keep projects on pace.

Ensuring Cultural and Language Compatibility in Teams

Putting together a group of linguistically and culturally compatible people improves their ability to work together, reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings, and speeds up the completion of the project.

Mitigating Risks

It’s essential to anticipate and deal with any problems immediately. This entails setting up legal safeguards, adopting risk management methods throughout the development process, and completing full due diligence on any possible outsourcing partners.

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Final Verdict

  • The definition of “outsourced product development” is working with an outside firm to create a product’s blueprint, technical specifications, and working prototype. The outsourced company supplies the necessary personnel, resources, and infrastructure to complete the project. On the consumer side, businesses use it to cut expenses, boost revenues, and break into untapped areas.
  • Outsourced product development can compensate for the structure and stability that in-house development may lack by drawing on the scalable nature of teams and the wide range of skill sets available.
  • Get everything down on paper with your Product Development Outsourcing firm to avoid any confusion. Long-term cooperation also requires periodic checks to make sure everything is running well.