Reverse Image Search As A Substitute To Keywords Search

Reverse Image Search has multiple uses. In the digital age it is also being used as a substitute for keyword search. Many times it proves a better option as well. So thinking about its new usage, we have listed the information of how reverse image search works as a substitute for keywords. Along with it we have listed popular platforms for reverse image search as well.

Reverse Image Search Instead of Keyword Search

Reverse Image Search has become a substitute for keywords search. With reverse image search, the user can upload a picture and find results about the picture. The search is based on the analysis of content. Before reverse image search, the user has to write keywords and find results on it which is problematic. The search deviates due to keywords variations. Therefore, to counter this, reverse image search works as a better option.

Reverse image search is simple. All you need is to upload the image on a reverse image search tool. Click on the check button. The tool will then present you the results.

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Tools for Reverse Image Search

As reverse image search becomes important for digital presence, reverse image search tools have flooded the market. There are different tools tgat presents the service of reverse image search. We only list those platforms which works for free and have optimal services.

Copy Checker Reverse Image Search

The first tool in our list is Copy Checker Reverse Image Search. The tool is available for download on both IOs and Android platforms. In addition, it is also available as a desktop website. The tool has a huge database to reverse search an image. Plus, it gives results after it analyses three different search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So this makes it one of the best tools as we look for optimum results.


The first search engine for reverse image search is Google. Google features one of the most diverse and updated databases of images. The user can search for an image by uploading images to Google Search – a custom-made image search engine. The results will appear on the screen. The result contains images from almost every website available on Google. Moreover, the images featured on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook appear in the search results.

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The last tool for reverse image search is Pinterest. Being a source of thousands of trending pictures, Pinterest’s reverse image search favors those who want to have an appealing social media presence. The tool lists a pin option where you can find out similar images from the platform. 


With the better option of doing a search through reverse image search, we hope you take maximum benefit out of it.