6 Tallest Building In Arkansas

Arkansas may not be known for its towering skyscrapers like other cities, but it still boasts several impressive structures. From the bustling city of Little Rock to the scenic areas of northwest Arkansas, here are the top tallest buildings in Arkansas.

List of Top 6 Tallest Building In Arkansas 

All tallest Building In Arkansas are in the order from 547 feet to 307 feet 

  1. Simmons Tower – 547 Feet
  2. Bank Of America Plaza – 417 Feet
  3. Metropolitan Tower – 340 Feet
  4. Hunt Tower – 325 Feet
  5. Regions Center – 323 Feet
  6. 300 Third Tower – 307 Feet

Top 6 Tallest Building In Arkansas 

Let us now know about the above-mentioned tallest Building In Arkansas

  1. Simmons Tower – 547 Feet, 40 Stories

Simmons Tower

The Simmons Tower, also known as the First National Bank Building, is the tallest building in Arkansas. Located in downtown Little Rock, it was completed in 1986 and was originally named the Capitol Tower. The tower was renamed in 2014 after Simmons Bank, which owns the building.

  1. Bank Of America Plaza – 417 Feet, 30 Stories

Bank Of America Plaza

Located in downtown Little Rock, the Bank of America Plaza is the second-tallest building in Arkansas. Completed in 1986, it houses various offices and has a distinctive red granite facade.

  1. Metropolitan Tower – 340 Feet, 30 Stories

Metropolitan Tower

Also located in downtown Little Rock, the Metropolitan Tower was completed in 1985 and features a unique triangular shape. It is primarily used for office space.

  1. Hunt Tower – 325 Feet, 22 Stories

Hunt Tower

Located in Rogers, Arkansas, the Hunt Tower is the tallest building in northwest Arkansas. Completed in 2007, it is primarily used for office space and has a modern glass facade.

  1. Regions Center – 323 Feet, 22 Stories

Regions Center

Located in Little Rock, the Regions Center was completed in 1986 and is primarily used for office space. It features a unique design with a triangular-shaped roof.

  1. 300 Third Tower – 307 Feet, 24 Stories

300 Third Tower

Also located in Little Rock, the 300 Third Tower was completed in 1986 and houses various offices. Its distinctive blue glass facade sets it apart from other buildings in the city.

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What Is The Tallest Structure In Arkansas?

Arkansas – Located in Little Rock is Simmons Tower, Arkansas’ tallest building. It was finished in 1986 and boasts 40 stories at 546 feet tall.

Are There Any Skyscrapers In Arkansas?

Simmons Bank Tower is a 40-story skyscraper located at 425 West Capitol Avenue in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. At 547 feet (167 m) high, it is the tallest building in Arkansas.

What Is The Tallest Building In Fayetteville Ar?

Crockett Tower in Harrison. Fayetteville-based Signature Bank of Arkansas completed a deal on March 9 to buy the 72,000-square-foot Crockett Tower in Harrison. The five-story property is the city’s tallest building. It previously housed multiple banks and offices for NorthArk Community College.

What Is The Largest Man-Made Structure In Arkansas?

In downtown Little Rock you’ll find the 546-foot-tall (166m) Simmons Tower. The largest man-made structure in Arkansas includes three interlocking vertical tiers to create a modern office block.


These are the top tallest buildings in Arkansas that showcase the state’s architectural diversity and design. Whether you’re in Little Rock or northwest Arkansas, you can enjoy these impressive structures and marvel at their beauty.


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