What Is A Day Player?

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Within the realm of film and television production, there are numerous behind-the-scenes roles that play a crucial part in bringing stories to life. One such role is that of a “Day Player.” While not a household name, day players are integral to the production process, lending their skills and talent to create captivating on-screen moments. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of day players, exploring their responsibilities, significance, and the impact they have on the entertainment industry.

What Is A Day Player?

A day player, also known as a daily or a one-day hire, is an actor or crew member hired on a temporary basis for a specific day or a few days of production. Unlike main cast members or recurring characters, day players have a shorter-term commitment and are typically brought in for specific scenes or episodes.

Responsibilities And Contributions:

  1. Acting Roles: Day players often portray supporting or minor characters in a production. They bring these characters to life, adding depth and authenticity to the story. Their performances may be brief, but they contribute to the overall narrative, creating memorable moments that complement the main storyline.
  2. Crew Members: In addition to actors, day players can also include crew members who are hired on a temporary basis to fulfill specific roles. These may include positions such as assistant directors, cinematographers, makeup artists, or production assistants. They bring their expertise and skills to the production, ensuring smooth operations and maintaining the quality of the final product.
  3. Flexibility and Adaptability: Day players must be adaptable and able to quickly grasp the requirements of their roles. They often need to blend seamlessly with the main cast and crew, adapting to the established dynamics and creative vision of the production. Their ability to work efficiently and effectively within a limited timeframe is invaluable to the smooth functioning of the project.
  4. Collaborative Efforts: Day players collaborate closely with the director, other actors, and the production team to bring their characters to life. Despite their temporary nature, they must establish rapport and chemistry with their fellow performers, creating believable on-screen relationships that enhance the authenticity of the story.

Recognition And Career Opportunities:

While day players may not receive the same level of recognition as lead actors or permanent crew members, their contributions are vital to the success of a production. Many established actors and industry professionals started their careers as day players, gaining valuable experience and exposure that led to further opportunities.

Day players also serve as a talent pool for casting directors and producers, who may identify exceptional performers for future projects. Through their dedication and professionalism, day players can build networks, gain exposure, and expand their careers within the entertainment industry.


Day players play a significant role in the entertainment industry, contributing their skills, talent, and adaptability to bring stories to life on the big and small screens. Whether through their performances as actors or their expertise as crew members, they contribute to the overall vision and success of a production. While their appearances may be brief, the impact they make is lasting. So, the next time you watch a film or a television show, take a moment to appreciate the contribution of the day players who help create those memorable moments that captivate audiences worldwide.

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What Is The Role Of A Day Player?

A day player is an actor hired on a daily basis and not on a long-term contract. Day players usually live up to their moniker and are usually only on set for a day or two.

How Much Does A Day Player Make?

​How Much Do Day Players Make? ​The SAG-AFTRA day rate is $1,056, or $3,564 for an entire week. Learn more about joining SAG here.

Is A Day Player An Extra?


An under-five role falls between an extra (a nonspeaking role) and a day player (a full part).

What Is The Difference Between Day Player And Supporting Actor?

Supporting: A character that simply pushes the story forward for the sake of the lead or supporting lead characters. The equivalent of a television co-star. Contract: The series regulars of the soap opera for a particular season or seasons. Day-Player: The equivalent of a television guest-star.


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