Buying A Leather Jacket From An Unreliable Brand. Remain Saved!

The first impression is not always the last in some cases. As I wasted my money by buying a low-quality item just due to its deceitful appearance.

Two years back, I purchased a leather jacket at a cheap price. I was happy because it was looking a stunningly shining and beautiful item when bought but soon the reality was unrivaled and the jacket’s performance declined. All that happened due to buying from a non-verified brand that also has lost its repute and value this year. The brand could not retain its popularity anymore. People just bought jackets from there due to their low price and glazed appearance but soon the hoodwinking was caught when I had the practical experience myself. Now let me share the reasons for that failing brand to warn you about buying such low-quality items.

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Reasons For Failure Of The Jacket’s Brand:

I regret buying my leather jacket for the very first time due to a lack of knowledge. The following demerits of the leather item changed my mind:

  • Duped By The Shopkeeper: As the jacket had a low-quality synthetic leather composition, so it was analyzed that the brand duped me with faux leather. It appeared to be real quality leather but through time the truth was divulged as the jacket got wrinkled and started peeling off and the flakes came off. Through research and study, I realized that real leather is a long-lasting organic material that never degrades over time. My experience proved that I was hoodwinked about the purchased item. Within a year, the jacket was no more able to be used for a casual walk or a formal occasion. 
  • Fading Color: As the color of the jacket faded, the people who spent their money got realized that the brand was not authentic. A lot of people might have picked the black color that kept on turning grey as time passed. My jacket also faded due to exposure to water and sunlight. That was shocking.
  • A Cheap Deal: We should go for quality apparel and not for quantity. As unreal faux leather jackets for men can be cheaper but not long-lasting, they lack the real organic touch and are chemically fake. That went the same for my bought jacket as it had a low price but no quality.
  • Poor Weight And Less Warming: The original leather has a genuine structure as is obtained from cowhides, sheep, or goat skins, etc. Cowhide leather is usually considered as heaviest. The weight of an original leather jacket maybe 3 to 4 lb. But my bought jacket’s weight was hardly 2 pounds heavy that was too light and therefore lacked the desired warmth. So, I felt uncomfortable in the cold season.
  • Lack Of Industry Knowledge: According to my interpretation and knowledge gained after a degraded experience of using the cheap jacket, the reality of the brand was known. The brand owner lacked the proper industry knowledge to run it. As they did not focus on the material’s quality and just put forth a synthetically made and artificially glazed item. They did not know that people want a long-lasting item that is original and worth buying. 
  • People’s Incredibility: People lost their trust in the brand and stopped buying that poorly crafted item. They shared their knowledge with others also which proved to be a great hurdle to the company’s success. So, finally, the company failed to progress and they bore a loss of more than they invested. That was all due to less market knowledge about what the people wanted. If they want things at lower rates, they need quality also alongside. If the buyers are confused about the quality then they will no more be interested in picking that item.
  • Wastage Of Money: Leather jackets for men are usually expensive but the originality makes them lifelong durable. On the other hand, cheaper leather jackets are not suitable for a long-lasting winter wardrobe. They are soon degraded by daily use as in colder regions it is a custom for everyone to don a leather jacket. I spent $140 on buying that low-quality jacket and regretted afterward on the consequence.
  • Poor Utilizing Of Media: My failed jacket’s brand ignored the importance of social media presence and digital marketing to boost sales for an online presence. E-commerce is inevitable for such types of useful apparel brands. Otherwise, people would have difficulty accessing them and being convinced to consume them for their benefit. So, the brand was at stake and finally, the same probability proved to be actual foil due to weak marketing strategies. 
  • Bad Buyer’s Reviews: There is always a review section for every new or pre-existing brand for buyers’ suggestions and experiences. When other people like me utilized the leather jackets, they gradually set apart from the name. They thought that they just wasted their money and nothing else. So, as a result, they either did not review or left a bad review about quality. Sometimes they expressed their experience with very bad words because they wasted their time and money. These bad reviews when shared with others, would stop people from buying an item of low importance. Thus the poor brand failed and got out of recognition soon. Now it has been removed from the world of leather jackets.

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A year later, when I got much knowledge and sense about buying leather jackets for men, I realized that good quality expensive leather jackets are preferable over cheaper ones. As original leather is worth using for a long period. I searched for another brand of leather jackets and finally found the reliable name Leatheriza Affinity which not only showed me a positive rating and people’s priority but also forced me to suggest others to buy, being a brand ambassador of the item. This time the experience was positive and worth appreciating. As it was not deceitful and the first impression was the last indeed. 

My second leather biker jacket from Leatheriza was bought at a decent price. That was a great chance to grab a superb item for me. I also observed free customization for sizing and a lot of color and texture variation at the brand. The original prices were also affordable as compared to their quality. It adorned my wardrobe with a quality addition. I planned to suggest it to my other relatives, especially those living in Nordic and Antarctic regions where cold never ceases to resist the bodies. So, I am a confident promoter of my black leather biker jacket bought from Leatheriza.


So, we should always go for quality and never for quantity for buying a valuable leather item, especially a leather jacket as we cannot buy jackets again and again. So, the unsuccessful journeys of cheap quality leather jacket brands are caused by their lack of durability and a poor market plan. The brand owners cannot con their consumers for long as if people will not satisfy with the quality, they will buy only once and never again. That is the major cause of a brand’s failure and utter extinction.