When to Call a Pest Control Service in the Case of Ants Infestation

The correct answer to the question “how to destroy ants in an apartment” is only one: call specialists and carry out a complete treatment at home. It is best to call the service for several neighboring apartments – for the first floor of the whole house or entrance. In this case, there is a chance that the insects will disappear forever. You can get fake id  about the best pest control service for your home.

Pest control should be called when you have already found a whole colony at home or noticed red ants (pharaoh). Two or three dark brown or black insects, as a rule, do not pose a threat. These may be ordinary ants that came to you by accident from the street. If you notice insects of other shades, be sure to check the whole house or apartment and talk with your neighbors: they may have a colony.

Disinfection is best done immediately, without waiting for the number of colonies to increase. You can also use folk remedies or preparations from stores. They will help curb the growth in the number of insects until you call specialists. It is impossible to limit yourself to self-processing – you are unlikely to get rid of insects completely and will spend too much time.

How does the pest control service work?

Professional pest control will help get rid of small ants in an apartment or a wooden house, if not forever, then for quite a long time. Unlike independent methods of struggle, it allows you to destroy all insects to the last.

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During processing, strong poisons are used that kill all ants. In addition, specialists use baits that can bring out hidden insects and find and destroy nests, interrupting reproduction.

The pest control service works only independently in protective suits and respirators. It is impossible to be indoors without PPE either during processing or for several hours or days. It is best to call exterminators in the morning to carry out the processing immediately. You should leave the house at this time. You can return in a few hours – to ventilate the room and carry out wet cleaning.

How to prepare for pest control

To get rid of ants in the house, experts use strong poisons and methods that allow them to treat even hard-to-reach places. It can be a “cold” or “hot fog” that penetrates furniture, small cracks, and holes. Therefore, before calling specialists, you must:

  • Clean the house – wash the floors, wipe the horizontal surfaces.
  • Remove the food in airtight containers (some of the food can be put in the refrigerator, the other – in bags that should be tightly closed). Products in leaky dishes and opened packages will most likely have to be thrown away – they will be poisoned.
  • Take children and animals out of the house, then put specialists in PPE and go outside. It is impossible to be inside during processing without a respirator and goggles, so you will have to trust the exterminators.

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If you have a balcony and the weather is warm outside, remove indoor plants from the apartment as well. As a rule, poisons do not harm plants, but it is better if no poison remains on the leaves. In addition, keep in mind that the poison also permeates textiles, so things that you do not plan to wash soon are also best placed in bags and put away in the closet.