Four Amazing Ways of Making Money While Learning to Code 

The rising digitization of the workplace and the E-commerce industry’s growth have made coding an invaluable asset. Professionals in any field, whether in finance, health, marketing, or research, can benefit from learning to code. 

The proliferation of learning resources on the internet has turned coding into a skill that is more accessible than it has ever been before. You do not need to attend a physical university to gain access to all the necessary resources. Online education allows you to register and learn from within the comfort of your home. 

Coding is a skill that is growing in relevance within today’s marketplace while becoming easier to learn for those interested, with multiple opportunities for coders, freelance and on-site. Every company, organization, or working individual needs a website; to build a website, they need someone who knows to code. 

With that said, here are six easy ways to make money while learning how to code. 

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When you are learning to code, there are multiple freelance opportunities around that you can avail to improve your resume, gain experience and earn some money. 

As a freelancer, you can start by looking at smaller businesses within your community, show them the potential growth they could achieve through digitization, and inquire whether they have any coding needs you can fulfill. 

While it may be impossible to get a job at a major multinational without certification, there will still be many opportunities to make money coding for small to medium-sized businesses looking for cost-effective solutions.

Freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork allow freelancers to get beyond borders, making the entire industry approachable and lucrative. With a good profile and competitive prices, you can use these websites to expand your network, gain experience and earn good money. 

  • Enter A Coding Competition 

Entering a coding competition allows you to test your skills against other coders while also earning money. These are various types of competitions, from solving algorithmic puzzles as is the case in Google’s ‘Code Jam’ to participating in Hackathons, where coders must work in teams to solve challenges as quickly as possible. 

Performing well in these competitions allows contestants to earn cash prizes. It also opens up opportunities to be recognized by industry leaders in programming and web design, expanding your reach within the corporate world. 

Participating in coding competitions is an incredible opportunity to network, build your programming skills, learn from some of the best programmers in the industry, and make money while doing it. 

  • Start/Expand Your Own Business 

Whether you’re looking to expand upon an existing business, or create an entirely new product or service, incorporating skills you have learned from coding can help grow your business and make you money. 

Learning code can help significantly reduce costs by maximizing productivity. It can automate many human-intensive and time-draining activities like accounting, with one single program capable of handling data more efficiently than an entire team of humans. 

Automating tasks within a business reduces human error and frees up time for people to manage other areas that require more critical thinking and cannot be replaced by a computer. 

Learning how to code also allows you to expand the reach of your business. If you are a supplier, it enables you to enter the digital marketplace, expanding your potential customer base from your community to any person using the app where your product is available. 

Through programming, you can also increase the digital reach of your company. You can create a mobile app through which others can interact with your business. If you have a website, you can optimize it for mobile use so that others can engage with your company in a user-friendly way. 

Becoming proficient in programming is a great way to reduce business costs while expanding your potential customer base, significantly increasing the amount of money you make. 

  • Build Applications 

A study suggested that 98 percent of a user’s time on a phone is spent using some application. The mobile application market has grown by an absurd 63 percent in the last five years. It is a prime opportunity for coding enthusiasts to make money through their new skills.

Did you know that there are over 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide? Imagine the number of applications they use and the number of applications they download daily. Statista reports that there were 108.5 billion app downloads from 2016 to 2021. Imagine what the numbers would look like in five years. 

To build a successful application, an attractive idea is needed to capture an audience. You must identify the market potential of your vision, the demographics, and the features this demographic finds most compelling. 

When you have an idea that will generate enough downloads, the next step is creating a business model. The application can either have a price or follow a freemium model where users pay for premium services such as no advertisements or unlimited use. 

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If you feel the market demand for your application is big enough, you can leave it completely free and earn your money through sponsorships and advertising. However, this is only a conceivable model for applications with significant user traffic. 

Becoming an app developer with a successful catalog also improves your reputation within the programming space. Major tech companies always look for innovative programmers who like to take the initiative and execute their ideas. 

By making a successful mobile application, you are securing a source of passive income for the application’s lifetime and developing your reputation as a programmer in a highly competitive industry. 


The market for coders is expanding at an unprecedented rate. The growing digitization of all businesses, including small to medium-sized ones, means that every industry and every company will have some coding needs. 

It means there will be a market demand for coding professionals at all levels, both experts to ones still learning the craft. Those interested in making money while still developing their skills can do so through freelancing, entering coding competitions, developing mobile applications, or utilizing their coding skills to expand their portfolio. 

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