How To Choose The Perfect Hail Canopy?

How To Choose The Perfect Hail Canopy?

Choosing the perfect hail canopy is an important and complex process because there are so many things you must consider. You need to find high-performance variation without putting a lot of pressure on your bank account.

If you’re shopping for a hail canopy for your business/services, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have discussed in detail about how to choose the perfect hail canopy: from a brief introduction to factors, you must consider!

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Hail Canopy – A Brief Overview

Let’s start with the most basic question: what is actually a hail canopy?

Most people out there think a canopy and an awning are the same things. However, they couldn’t be any far from the truth. Yes, both of these things have a great deal in common, but they are certainly two different products.

While an awning is not available in stand-alone variation, a canopy could be free-standing or attached to one side of the building. As the name suggests, a hail canopy is a structure offering ultimate hail protection for every vehicle.

Using a hail canopy has numerous benefits. It is nothing if not versatile. You can use a canopy to minimize hail damage, protecting your property as well as your vehicles. It’s usually installed 10-20 feet above the property, allowing people to easily get in and out to carry out different activities unimpeded. 

How to Choose the Perfect Hail Canopy – 4 Factors to Consider

There are various types of hail canopies available out there. As no two manufacturers are the same, the same goes for their products. Therefore, before you invest your money in a hail canopy, you must consider a few things.

When it comes to investing in the best hail canopy, the following are the factors you must put into consideration:


First of all, the perfect hail canopy will complement your property – instead of ruining its aesthetics. You need to invest in a canopy that has no poles yet it offers 100% protection. For this approach, you can invest in free-standing canopies or variations that can be attached to one side of your building.

Moreover, your hail canopy should not have any visual obstructions. The design of your canopy should match your environment. This means your selected variation should be for all weathers – ice, wind, snow, corrosiveness, and so on!


The last thing you want is to get a hail canopy that will leave you broke. Therefore, your budget is one of the most important things to consider while investing in a hail canopy. 

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Keep in mind that a budget-friendly variation does not mean you need to compromise on the quality of your canopy. If you are investing in an inexpensive hail canopy, it should still be durability, high-quality, and strong. Plus, your selected hail canopy must be optimized for maximum control at a reasonable cost.


Durability and strength are crucial for a hail canopy. As these structures are going to protect your property from extreme weather, they need to be strong enough to handle those weathers as well. 

Did you know there are millions of dollars in hail damage yearly? Even if you have insurance, it can take months to claim your money. Furthermore, your insurance might not even cover the associated costs to hail damage. Therefore, you must find a hail canopy that provides ultimate protection for a longer period of time!


You also need to consider the size of your selected canopy. A hail canopy’s size depends upon your property. Get a flexible variation that can be extended if required. With this approach, as your business thrives, you can ensure 100% protection by covering the entire area.

Moreover, while selecting a hail canopy, make sure it’s easy to handle and install. You don’t want a product that comes with dozens of manuals and installation guides. Get a hail canopy that is easy to build and maintain, ensuring it won’t interrupt your day-to-day business activities.

WeatherSolve Structures and Custom Hail Canopies

When it comes to the best hail canopy for business and services, WeatherSolve Structures is the leading brand out there. Although they are a Canada-based company, they provide their products all around the globe, so availability is never an issue!

The best thing about WeatherSolve Structures is that they offer various types of hail canopies, including:

1. WeatherSolve Structures Retractable Canopy

This variation is ideal for those who are looking for a budget-friendly hail canopy with fewer poles to back into. It provides 100% coverage from all sorts of weathers. Plus, this retractable canopy enhances your showroom and is fairly easy to build and maintain!

2. Tent or Arch Style Canopy

Another WeatherSolve hail canopy variation that deserves a spot on our list is the Tent or Arch Style Canopy. Apart from tall entrance areas, this hail canopy provides 100% coverage. Compared to the retractable canopy, it is a little more complicated to install. However, the tent or arch-style canopy is quite easy to maintain.

3. Individual Row Share Structures

The Individual Row Share structures hail canopy ensures you’re not losing any parking space. It’s available in different styles. If you want a canopy with no poles, you should invest in cantilever-style support. Compared to other variations, this one does not provide 100% coverage and protection from extreme storms. Plus, it also won’t enhance your showroom.

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4. Photovoltaic Cell roof

Last but not least, we have the Photovoltaic Cell roof. This one is popular because of its budget-friendly price tag. You can get this variation with cantilever-style support, ensuring you’re getting fewer poles to back into and maximum parking space. It’s reliable to withstand extreme storms but not ideal for baseball-sized hail!

Out of all of the above-mentioned variations, the WeatherSolve Structures Retractable Canopy is certainly the most reliable and durable hail canopy out there. Although it offers the most benefits, it’s still quite inexpensive!