The Proper Roof Rack For The Right Job

Your roof rack setup should align with the weight load of your rooftop tent and your vehicle, regardless of what type you select. The type of roof rack best for your car depends on the roof type and what you intend to load or carry with it. There are a variety of crossbars and foot packs available that can be used by most users and for most applications.

However, a roof rack platform will be the best choice if you seek something more durable. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is A Roof Rack

A roof rack comprises a base and crossbars designed to hold equipment of varying sizes and shapes. Some vehicles are factory-equipped with raised side rails on the roof and an option to customize them according to your specific needs. Alternatively, you can purchase ‘foot packs’ attached to the rain gutters or the roof at fixed attachment points.

When choosing foot packs, you should ensure they are compatible with your vehicle and the crossbar system you intend to use. As a result of the Trademasters , your car can easily accommodate heavier and more complex loads.

Types of Roof Racks

There will be a wide range of roof racks depending on the type of cargo they are intended to transport. Most roof racks are designed to accommodate various sporting equipment, such as bicycles, kayaks, and skis. 

The most versatile roof rack is one that serves a variety of purposes. Roof racks are also widely used for hauling gear, such as water, fuel, tents, etc. It is also used for oversized tools and supplies, such as ladders and lumber. A roof rack may even consist of modular components that can be interchanged as necessary.

Roof racks are available in a variety of types, as listed below.

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1. Roof Rack for Bike 

With a bike rack mounted on your roof, your bicycle can be disassembled for storage inside your vehicle. Furthermore, you will always have access to the trunk or cargo space of the car. Fork-mount and upright roof bike racks are the most common types.

You must remove the front wheel to attach a bike rack to a fork. As a result, you sacrifice some convenience for stability. On the other hand, an upright mount allows the front wheel to remain connected to the vehicle. However, it stands higher on the roof and is less stable.

2. Canoe and Kayak rack 

Using two crossbar cradles, secure your equipment on your roof rack, kayak rack, or canoe rack. Two additional straps are applied at the kayak’s stern and bow to ensure maximum stability.

3. Paddleboard and surfboard rack 

A surfboard rack or paddleboard rack features crossbars that help lay the boards flat while in storage. Several boards also feature padding on the crossbars to protect the panels from damage. Some racks allow you to stack multiple boards on top of each other for efficient transport.

4. Snowboard and Ski rack 

Roof racks for skis and snowboards usually have sliding doors, enabling you to secure your skis and snowboards inside. To ensure sufficient space, remember how many snowboards and skis you plan to transport.

5. Cargo rack

Cargo racks are usually made of durable plastic and are available in various sizes. The purpose of a cargo rack is to transport additional equipment that does not fit in your vehicle. In addition, it can also transport multiple objects that you want to keep together. Lockable and convenient hinges are common features of these doors.

6. Basket rack 

A basket rack differs from a cargo rack in that a cargo rack does not form a confined compartment. Open basket racks offer the advantage of accommodating more oversized items that would otherwise be unable to fit in a cargo box. In addition, the metallic basket framework allows the items to be secured securely rather than lying loosely in a box.

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A Complete  Guide to Trademaster and Roof Racks

When purchasing a roof-rack system, many people choose the cheapest model that fits their vehicle. Additionally, there are some factors to consider:


It is good to be firm but not suitable to be heavy. Many racks are bulky and made of heavy materials such as steel, but you can maintain strength to maintain weight. Well-engineered, all-aluminum racks will be 30 percent lighter than steel while providing greater strength and load capacity than steel.

Roof measure for crossbars

You will have to make several calculations to determine the correct fit for your roof rack system. In the first instance, you should find out the diameter of the roof of your car from the front and back if they are different.

Measure the distance between your vehicle’s roof side rails on the inside, middle, and outside since the crossbars attach to the rails differently.

Make the switch to modular

A modular rack will make assembly more accessible, allowing you to add rack slats for different uses, such as building a complete platform, replacing accidental damage, or adding expedition rails. The rack can be adapted at any given time to meet your needs.

Specs and preferences

There are many roof rack models and types available on the market. The crossbars can be made of various materials, such as metal, plastic, or aluminium. Select your roof rack based on the most critical specifications: size, slim profile, stability, longevity, integration with accessories, cost, etc.

Why Choose Trademasters

In addition to preparing RVs, Trademasters can help you select the proper roof racks and even provide a fitting service if you are not feeling up to the challenge. The purchase of a roof rack is an excellent investment for your vehicle. 

When purchasing a roof rack, it is essential to consider what practical features it should provide carefully. Additionally, it is crucial to determine which type of roof rack is compatible with your vehicle. You can depend on Trademasters for all your roofing needs.