Top 11 Tallest Mountain In US

If you think to know about the tallest mountain in US, then you are coming to the right place. When it comes to mountains, no other USA state has as many peaks as Alaska. In fact, most of the highest mountains in the United States are in Alaska and are aptly characterized by snow-covered and glacial terrain. Because of their remote setting in the Last Frontier, some of these mountains are rarely visited but retain their awe-inspiring status as iconic features of US geography. In this post, we will look at the tallest mountain in US.    

List Of 11 Tallest Mountain In US

Below mentioned the tallest mountain in US list as per the height of the mountains. 

  1. Denali
  2. Mount Saint Elias
  3. Mount Foraker
  4. Mount Bona
  5. Mount Blackburn
  6. Mount Sanford
  7. Mount Fairweather
  8. Mount Hubbard
  9. Mount Whitney
  10. Mount Elbert
  11. Mount Rainier

Top 11 Tallest Mountain In US

From the above list of the tallest mountain in US, there are 11 mountains. Read on for more information about the tallest mountains.

  1. Denali


Height – 20,310 feet

Which mountain is higher than 20,000 feet?

Denali is also known as Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America. Denali is the third most prominent and third most distinct peak on Earth after Mount Everest and Aconcagua. It is located in the interior of the state of Alaska in the Alaska Range. Denali is the centerpiece of Denali National Park and Preserve.

  1. Mount Saint Elias

Mount Saint Elias

Height – 18,009 feet

Mount Saint Elias is the tallest mountain in the US and Canada, stands about 26 miles southwest of Mount Logan on the Yukon-Alaska border, and the highest in Canada mountain. The Canadian side of Mount Saint Elias forms part of Clune National Park and Reserve, while the US side of the mountain is in the Wrangel-St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

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  1. Mount Foraker

Mount Foraker

Height – 17,400 feet

Mount Foraker is the third-highest mountain in the Alaska, US mountain range. It climbs the ridge of the Kahiltna Glacier near Mount Hunter in the Alaska Range, just above Denali’s standard base camp.

  1. Mount Bona

Mount Bona

Height – 16,550 feet

Mount Bona is a prominent mountain in the St. Elias Mountains in eastern Alaska and is the 4th tallest peak in the US. Bona is the tallest volcano in the United States and the fourth largest in North America, surpassed by the three tallest Mexican volcanoes, Pico de Orizaba, Popocatepetl, and Iztacihuatl.

  1. Mount Blackburn

Mount Blackburn

Height – 16,390 feet

Mount Blackburn is the highest peak in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska in the United States. The mountain is an old, eroded shield volcano, the second-tallest volcano in the US behind Mount Bona, and the fifth-tallest in North America.

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  1. Mount Sanford

Mount Sanford

Height – 16,236 feet 

Mount Sanford is a shield volcano in the Wrangel Volcanic Field in eastern Alaska near the Copper River. It is one of the tallest mountains in the world and the third highest volcano behind Mount Bona and Mount Blackburn in the USA. Mount Sanford is composed mostly of andesite, and is an ancient peak, mostly Pleistocene, although some of the mountain’s summits may be Holocene.

  1. Mount Fairweather

Mount Fairweather

Height – 15,325 feet

The next mountain in the USA is Mount Fairweather, located 20 km east of the Pacific Ocean on the border of Alaska, United States, and Western British Columbia, Canada. Mount Fairweather also marks the northwestern tip of the Alaska Panhandle.

  1. Mount Hubbard

Mount Hubbard

Height – 14,951 feet

Mount Hubbard is located on the Alaska Yukon border, the Canadian side is in the Cluny National Park and Reserve, and the American side is part of the Rangel-St. Elias National Park. Hubbard is the highest point of a large massif with three named peaks, the other two being Mount Ulverstone and Mount Kennedy.

  1. Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney

Height – 14,505 feet 

Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain in the contiguous US and the Sierra Nevada. It is near many of the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada. This mountain is partially dome-shaped, with its famous jagged ridges extending to the sides.

  1. Mount Elbert

Mount Elbert

Height – 14,440 feet 

Mount Elbert is the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains and the tallest mountain in Colorado. Mount Elbert is located in the San Isabel National Forest, 12.1 miles southwest of the city of Leadville in Lake County, Colorado. Mount Elbert is visible southwest of Leadville, often covered in snow even in summer.

  1. Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

Height – 14,417 feet 

Mount Rainier is a large active stratovolcano in the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, located 59 miles south-southeast of Seattle in Mount Rainier National Park. this is the other tallest mountain in the US, not Alaska, it is located in Washington and the Cascade Range.

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What Is The Tallest Mountain In The Entire USA?


Denali in Alaska is the highest mountain peak of the United States and North America. Denali is the third most topographically prominent and third most topographically isolated summit on Earth after Mount Everest and Aconcagua.

What’s The Tallest Mountain In The Lower 48?

Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney, highest peak (14,494 feet [4,418 metres] above sea level) in the 48 coterminous U.S. states. It is the culminating summit of the Sierra Nevada. In eastern California on the Inyo-Tulare county line, the peak is at the eastern border of Sequoia National Park, immediately west of the city of Lone Pine.

What Is The Hardest Mountain To Climb In North America?

As the highest peak in North America, McKinley (or Denali as most call it now) commands respect. Though not Himalayan in altitude, it is considered one of the most difficult mountains in the world to climb.

Is Denali Taller Than Everest?

When measured from base to summit; yes, Mount Denali is taller than Mount Everest. What is the current yardstick of measurement? Mountains are measured from the sea level. So, Mount Everest is 29,032 feet above sea level, while Mount Denali is 20,310 feet above sea level.

Are Appalachians Taller Than Everest?

Estimating that volume, geologists believe that the lowly Appalachians were once as high as the rugged Himalayas, and some now-vanished mountain in modern-day New Hampshire or North Carolina could easily have been taller than Everest is today.


In this article, I will share with you what is the tallest mountain in the US. I told you what is the height of the mountain. These peaks are all remarkable geological attractions that create wonder and awe not only for scientists and alpinists but also for tourists of any age. Also, I described where the peak was located. Indeed, these mountain treasures are not to be missed when visiting Alaska or the US. I hope you enjoying to reading this article about the tallest mountain in US.    

What is the highest mountain in America?