Top 5 Business Phone Services for Small Businesses 

5 of the Best Business Phone Services for Small Businesses 

One of the first questions that arise when a small business is established is which phone service ought to be used by it. This is a very important concern because on-call and text correspondence have to happen on all levels, whether between customers, employees, or senior management. Here are 5 of the best business phone service companies: 


Aside from having individual service plans like Spectrum One plan, Spectrum has great plans suitable for small businesses. With Spectrum, you can avail high-speed business internet plans starting at the low cost of $49.99 a month.  

Spectrum Business Phone service provides unlimited local and long-distance calling, in addition to over 35 advanced business calling features completely free of cost. Objectively speaking, these are more free add-ons than any other business in the industry. They also include features such as adding hold music, transferring calls, and many more. Also, you can prefer unified communications services that allow you to channel how you text, talk, video call, and collaborate through a single cloud platform.


Grasshopper is another very reliable service that small startups can use. Its voice-over-internet protocol provides virtual phone numbers. This means that calls can be forwarded to any phone number or device, making it perfect, particularly for small businesses and new startups. This, however, does not eliminate the need for a regular phone connection as that will still be required for outgoing calls. 

Additionally, Grasshopper has intuitive web and phone applications to automatically manage your social media account and phone activity. If required, you can even avail multiple extensions for your phone number, out of a variety of local, vanity and toll-free options. These numbers can be belonging to Canada, the UK, or the US. 

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Lastly, Grasshopper provides all the general features such as call routing, forwarding, rerouting, putting on hold and with hold music, voicemail, and more. For remote teams, this is the perfect solution because extensions can be used from anywhere, using the mobile or desktop app. 


T-Mobile is one of the most famous and well-known names in the telecom industry, worldwide. It is the third largest wireless carrier company in the USA, ever since its merger with Sprint. It possesses all of the standard features offered by business phone service providers, and more! 

What sets T-Mobile apart is the unique bonuses that they offer for selective plans. For example, some plans provide access for users to avail unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi and the complete Microsoft 365 program.  

T-Mobile also provides limited as well as unlimited call and text service, as well as standard 5G in its business packages in Mexico and Canada. Furthermore, all tiers of the business cell phone service offered by T-Mobile are accompanied by a scam shield module, which can identify and warn the user about any potential scammers on your caller ID. 


As far as service features and user-friendliness goes, there is no other like Nextiva. It is easily the best business phone service for small businesses due to its low pricing and range of features. It is accompanied by an easy-to-use web-based admin panel that makes it convenient for small startup owners to professionally manage their multiple communication platforms. 

What’s included in the Nextiva VOIP phone service for small businesses is advanced call routing, unlimited and free domestic calling, online faxing, text messages, voice-to-email text, and other features. 

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Moreover, you are also given a free local or toll-free number, alongside free number porting and all of the standard features for call management. This includes caller ID, call routing, call forwarding, custom greetings, an advanced interactive voice response system, etc.  

Additionally, Nextiva offers other very convenient and state-of-the-art features, such as Live chat, online surveys, call analytics, CRM, and other solutions that are required by and beneficial for the business phone system. They are also known for their excellent phone call quality, their 99.99% uptime on VOIP solutions, and having good and efficient customer service. 

The biggest plus point of choosing Nextiva is how startup-friendly it is. Especially for home businesses, Nextiva is very effective. Their business phone services have a starting price of $18.95 per user. This is the essential plan. Their prices get lower the more users are added, making it the best option if you are planning to scale in the near future. There is also the option to start a pre-paid account to save up. 

Ring Central 

Another telecom giant that is a popular business phone service provider is Ring Central. Their business phone service model is loaded with the most features out of all others on the market. This includes all the standard features and more. 

The service comes with 1000 toll-free minutes, the option for video meetings with screen sharing, and the option to integrate with Gsuite, Microsoft, DropBox, and other collaborative software. Moreover, it also offers the service of intuitive cloud-based administration software that makes managing, receiving, and scheduling calls incredibly easy.  

Furthermore, their business phone platform comes with all the basic, standard functionalities that you would expect from one. This includes an unlimited calling option, call waiting, call transferring call forwarding, caller ID, etc. It also provides the option to broadcast a single line across multiple phone devices. Additionally, it comes with SMS messaging, visual voicemail, and many other features. 

Ring Central’s Essentials plan starts at a low price of $19.99 a month per user, and the billing is done annually. There is an option to add up to 10 users to this plan. There are also other plans that they offer, but for different prices and sets of features.